COVID-19 Prevention and Infection Control Policy

From Monday 19th July all COVID-19 safety measures remain in place at the Salon. This is to keep everyone safe during their visit. I am monitoring the situation very closely and will update the policy as the situation improves. Thank you so much for your understanding. From Emily. Xx

1. Please avoid arriving early to your appointment. This will help with social distancing as arriving early may mean that you cross paths with someone who is just leaving the salon. It also allows me to disinfect the hot spot areas and treatment room inbetween clients. 

2. Wear a mask at your appointment. As a business owner and your caring therapist, it is my responsibility to keep you and everyone safe during their visit. I will also remain wearing my mask

3. Please use the hand sanitizer provided in reception.

4. Fabric towels have been removed and replaced with disposable towels. 

5. Please reschedule your appointment if in the last 14 days you have come in to contact with anyone with covid or are/ have experienced any covid or flu like symptoms.

7. All hot spot areas are cleaned between clients to create a safe space for you including a deep clean at the end of each day.

8. Lastly, let me reassure you that you are in very safe hands and I know that even with these changes you will still be able to enjoy your visit. 

I cant wait to see you again. From Emily, Xx 

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COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control certificates.